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Add your voice to this evolving map of the places that make Lake County unique.

  1. Navigate to a location on the map that answers one of the following questions:

    Where in Lake County…
    Is a place that hold special memories?
    Do you take visitors when you want to show off where you live?
    Is a place in the landscape that has changed over time?

  2. Add a marker to this location

    Quickly tap (on mobile) or right-click (on desktop).

    You can move the marker to a different location by clicking and dragging.
    If you want to add a new marker, you will need to reload (refresh) the page.
    You can also enter an address into the form below.

  3. Add more information about this location in the form below.

    Title your location, add a description or a story or a memory, and upload an image.
    Choose the marker category that best represents your location.

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