Winter Hot Springs

One of my favorite memories of Hart Mountain is soaking in the hot spring in early November with a storm blowing up over the mountain from Warner Valley. The air was cold on our faces, the water was warm on our bodies, and the sky was putting on an incredible display. We had the whole campground to ourselves and basked in the solitude.

Lakeview High School/Middle School Band Room

I spent 19 years here, 1986-2005. Had some tough times at first but always some great kids! Band was a major part of my life. I wanted to share the fun. My hope is that Lakeview kids will have the opportunity.

First "long" motorcycle ride

Oct. 1988, at the age of almost 42, I finally decided to disobey my parents' admonitions to my younger self and get a motorcycle. Finding out I could ride one was an astonishingly eye-opening experience: their "you can't" had embedded itself in my psyche as "you are not physically, mentally or in any other way able to." When I first daringly rode to Valley Falls, I felt sort of like John Glenn.

Big cove/ Warner viewpoint

One day, my work crew and I had to hike down Warner viewpoint into the bottom of big cove to survey the area. Casualties: one bee sting, a broken lunch box, a broken water bottle, lost equipment, two gallons of water, scraped hands and knees, our sanity. Bad day, great memories.

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