Upper Cottonwood Meadow Lake

I grew up calling this area my backyard. Whether we are camping, fishing, hunting or hiking, this place never ceases to amaze me. Starting out wandering these woods from a young age, I somehow always feel a sense of safety and peacefulness.

The "L"

This place was a popular hiking destination my whole life. It gives great views of the town and the land that surrounds it. Growing up, my friends and I would make the hike almost every weekend to have picinics and admire the view.

The Punchbowl

Walking into the Punchbowl, gazing up to the top of Winter Ridge and then turning around to have Summer Lake and all the terrain to the east open up makes you feel like you are floating. The hike through the remains of the last big fire is emotional. The way nature responds to events beyond what we humans do is humbling while powerful. We watch.

North Warner Viewpoint

My work crew stops at least once every summer at the viewpoint . My boss, Clair, would always take time to explain the geography of the area and to point out the volcanic rim across the way that you can see. He also has stories of taking the crew to that rim to do some surveys and adventure around. This area is such an amazing are geographically and just an absolutely stunning view.

Lane Ranch Gateway

If I ever chose to leave Lake County for good, I would miss the abundance of agriculture, wildlife, and wide open spaces. There truly is no place quite the same.

Gearhart Wilderness Palisades

This is a place that I always try to take family and friends. Such beautiful formations, and a gorgeous view of the notch and the hills surrounding it. Perfect place to visit my favorite mountain. Five stars.

Fort Rock

Imagining the ancient presence of people and what life was like then compared to now is so cool.

Drews Reservoir

If you like to swim with your family and/ or camp, Drews is the place for you! Enjoy the hot summer days floating the lake or boating. Great place to boat when there is enough water. Favorite spot for us locals to swim when you don't feel like driving hours. Highly recommend!

Drake Peak Lookout

If I was to take a visitor anywhere in Lake County, I would take them to Drew's Peak Lookout. I like this area because you can see the rolling hills and the terrain of Lake County.

Crane Creek Hike

We love to hike up Crane Creek. With the juniper and sage on one side of the canyon, the conifers on the other, and the creek in the middle, it's a perfect microcosm of Lake County. We love to hike up until we are surrounded by ponderosas. The dog loves to play in the creek.

Crack In The Ground

Leaving the desert heat by entering the cold crack, dropping to 80ft below the lava plains, contemplating the two rock walls that that perfectly match; an ethereal experience. The experience becomes monumental as one crawls through one of the cracks in the sidewall to discover 3 parallel cracks that can be explored that are even more narrow and mind boggling. Crack in the Ground is one of the most unique places in Lake County, unbeknownst even to many Lake County residents. If you ever have the opportunity to check it out, do it!

Cougar Peak

This Peak has a lot of history in my family. My grandmother lived in the fire lookout during summers up here before my father was born. I have hiked this many times and every time I see something new and am taken away by the views of the whole area, along with Upper Cottonwood Meadow Lake. I grew up calling this area my backyard. Whether I am with my family fishing, hunting, camping or hiking, these woods will always be very special to me.

Chewaucan Swimming Hole, Paisley

My family and I go here every summer and it is such a wonderful place to swim. With rocks to jump off of, deep swimming holes, and it’s right off the road. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves water and a safe place for kids to swim.

Ana Reservoir

I loved going to Ana every chance I got. It was my little piece of tranquility. Beautiful place to clear my mind.

Abert Rim Lookout

This is a great spot to view the entire Valley Falls and Summer Lake Area. You can see all around for miles. There is something soothing about gazing off into the beautiful landscape we call home.

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